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A Note on This Version

In 2014, we made some changes to the way the Grade Distribution Database looks and feels. We recognize that remodeling data can make it more difficult for some of our audiences to collect the data they need quickly, so we've elected to preserve the historic search/result listings here.

The datasource behind the scenes is the same across versions and will continue to be supported in the future.

Querying Grade Distribtion

Grade Distribution information is available beginning with the Fall 1994 term. However, because data formats and structures change over time, you should check our Querying Help page for data conventions if you intend to query data prior to Fall 2004.

About Kelley Direct

Beginning with the Fall 2011 term, for the purpose of IUB official enrollment reporting, the following conventions apply for Kelley Direct courses and enrollments in relation to the rest of the academic calendar:

  • Kelley Direct Winter term is included in IUB Spring term dataset (ex., For Winter 2011, select the Spring 2012 term.)
  • Kelley Direct Spring and Summer are included in IUB Summer
  • Kelley Direct Fall is included in IUB Fall

When searching for Kelley Direct data, the above conventions should be kept in mind. Please note: Grade Distribution data is not complete for Kelley Direct prior to Fall 2011.