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The Office of the Registrar has been reporting the distribution of grades to the campus since 1976 in response to a Bloomington Faculty Council mandate. Recently, the reporting has changed with the implementation of the expanded context record in 1998. In an effort to release the summary data in a more useable form for a range of information needs, this web site has been developed for academic schools and departments to access and share with their faculty.

Check our report definitions page to help in the interpretation of grade data provided in these reports. The data file used to generate these reports is also available as a spreadsheet for more detailed analysis. For more information about the field names for these data files, please check our data field definitions for files page. For reports prior to Fall 2004, refer to our historic data field definitions page.

Grade Distribution is reported from the corrected grades snapshot, taken approximately one month after the end of the semester. Subsequent grade changes are not included.

Snapshots of grades are taken twice a semester: once at the end of the semester when final grades are reported and again approximately one month later to reflect grades received after the deadline and changes made by instructors (corrected grades). Grade Distribution is reported from the corrected grades snapshot. Subsequent grade changes are not included.

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A Note about Kelley Direct

For the purpose of IUB official enrollment reporting, the following conventions apply for Kelley Direct courses and enrollments in relation to the rest of the academic calendar:

  • Kelley Direct Winter term is included in IUB Spring term dataset (ex., For Winter 2011, select the Spring 2012 term.)
  • Kelley Direct Spring and Summer are included in IUB Summer
  • Kelley Direct Fall is included in IUB Fall

Grade Distribtion data is incomplete for Kelley Direct prior to Fall 2011.